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Benefit Your Bottom Line by Shifting to Outsourced Property/Facilities Management

To stay competitive, businesses today must stay laser-focused on their core products and services. Outsourcing facility/property management to the experts at MC Realty Group will reduce unnecessary distractions and costly facility disruptions.

MC is dedicated to protecting, preserving and optimizing the commercial usage of your land and physical facilities, for the maximum return - to you. Our staff of trained professionals safeguards your property’s appearance and functionality with regular inspections and pro-active maintenance.

Our expertise managing commercial real estate spans from the specialized demands of historic buildings and grounds to facilities supporting the latest technologies.

Service Options: Property Management, Facility Management or Custom Blend

As a building owner, your goals help determine whether your needs require Facility Management, Property Management or a custom blend of these services.

MC’s Property Management Services

Property Management Services at MC start with understanding the property owner’s short- and long-term financial objectives. Then we develop a strategic property operations plan founded in a zero-based operating budget and capital plan. MC’s experienced Property Managers and Accounting Professionals work closely with our Engineering Staff to monitor and manage all operating costs to achieve the greatest possible return on investment. We understand the balance of maintaining the asset’s value through tenant satisfaction, controlled operating costs, and a well-planned asset life cycle program. Whether the asset is an investment property or a corporate facility, MC is a proven commercial real estate partner to help you achieve your goals.

MC Realty Group is fully accredited by the Institute of Real Estate Management. Property management and accounting team members continually enhance their skills, earning professional designations through rigorous education programs. Today we have Certified Property Managers (CPMs), Real Property Administrators (RPAs), Masters of Corporate Real Estate (MCR), and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

MC's Facility Management Services

Our Facility Management Services focus on ensuring that your facility’s resident business units (yours or tenants’) needs are met.  MC takes pride in its record of virtually 100% uptime for critical operations and its 365 day 24/7 as well as the accounting and management of all the facility needs.

Bottom line, MC proprietary data, experience and assessment tools will help owners and tenants determine their operational needs for the facility to ensure the operational decisions that support both short-term and long-term facility plans.

Our Facility Management Administrators (FMAs) have the credentials from the International Facility Management Association and are seasoned veterans in facility management. Additional certifications include Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP), Certified Hazwoper Supervisor, BOMI Certified Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA), Certified Plant Engineer (CPE) as well as various machine operators’ licenses and professional industry affiliations such as Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Association of Facility Engineers (AFE), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Executive Board member, International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), Kansas City Community Business and Technology College Advisory Board member, National Association of Power Engineers (NAPE), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Project Management Institute (PMI), and Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES).

MC’s work has been recognized by BOMA International, along with the Green Parking Council, IFMA and DOE’s Better Buildings Alliance, for leading the industry in energy-efficient lighting for parking structures through the Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) Campaign and acknowledged by the Institute for Market Transformation for MC Realty’s participation in the City Energy Project to reduce building energy usage.

Hands-On Service and Accountability

Each MC client is assigned a veteran account manager who is backed-up by a 24/7 service center with specialized technicians prepared to immediately address any structural, technical, mechanical or general service operational needs.  We will ensure your functional systems and facilities are safe and meet the design intent while delivering value.

MC's in-house resources include:

  • Licensed engineers
  • IT professionals
  • HVAC technicians
  • Electrical systems technicians
  • Communications technicians
  • General maintenance personnel
  • Business operations and support
  • Landscape and facility aesthetics

Our computerized management system automatically tracks the status of maintenance work; manpower scheduled and calculates any associated costs.

Procurement Power

When it comes to purchasing there are two important factors – cost, and the timely delivery of consumable goods. MC Realty Group has both covered. For instance, we require that all consumables, such as paper, cleaning supplies and light bulbs be available on demand.

MC manages the flow of consumables and replacement equipment and products based on a regular analysis of historic usage and projected future needs. This eliminates the expense of overstocking or understocking. MC Realty Group’s inventory management system, coupled with our buying power as a member of an international purchasing consortium, gives our clients exceptional pricing and value.


MC is dedicated to protecting, preserving and maximizing the commercial usage of your land and physical facilities, for the maximum return - to you. We have the engineers and other trained personnel to safeguard their appearance and functionality with regular inspections and pro-active maintenance.

Our expertise managing business structures spans from the specialized demands of historic buildings and grounds to facilities supporting the latest technologies.

Technical Systems

Technical systems, including building automation, critical power systems, data and telephony are examples of mission critical systems that require redundant resources to ensure there is never any costly downtime. MC has the technical expertise and facility management experience necessary to meet the needs of data-driven financial and technology operations.


A building cannot operate at peak efficiency without regular maintenance, nor can its hard-working mechanical systems. MC Realty Group utilizes preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance schedules to maximize the performance, reliability and longevity of critical systems.

General Services

Beyond the structural, mechanical and technical aspects of commercial property, MC Realty Group offers and manages a variety of general services critical to operations, such as janitorial, grounds-keeping, snow removal and security management. Our trained teams follow OSHA and other applicable standards and regulations.

Are your facilities and operations unique or unusual?

    • Special climate requirements?
    • Delicate machinery?
    • Valuable art displays?
    • Group or public event spaces?
    • Decorative fountains or statuary?
    • Industrial shredding?

MC can design and provide customized services and management systems to meet your needs.

Planning and Reporting

MC's extensive experience in managing facilities, both modern and historic, has proven the value of strategic planning.

Knowing your facility - its assets, limitations and expected lifecycle - and planning your maintenance and improvements accordingly can save thousands, even millions of dollars in the long run.

MC Realty Group offers its clients a range of critical planning services, including:

  • Specialized scheduled maintenance
  • Emergency and life safety plans
  • Utility assessments and energy savings plans
  • Environmental stewardship plans
  • Accounting services
  • Budgeting services

Accounting and Budgeting Services

MC started with accountability in mind to manage facilities and drive efficiencies and utilization. Detailed and transparent. All of MC's services include itemized financial reporting and documented performance measurements. Information specific to your property is accessible through a secure client portal.

Our accounting and budgeting services are grounded in technology to connect clients with the comprehensive data real time in a format that meets the clients’ requirements to make informed decisions, review expenses, track labor and data to verify compliance regulations. The facility balance sheets, expenses and purchases are detailed in your custom reports. MC helps your business establish annual facility budgets, review performance and compare to similarly sized building operations, establish controls and payment processes to ensure the extraordinary value you can expect from MC.

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